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March 03, 2020  ·  3 min read

New Blog, New Breath!


I try to improve myself more and more every day while chasing the days. I enjoy sharing my engineering adventure that started in 2008 and my memories and my knowledge in this adventure. So I've been blogging for ~ 12 years. After I wrote in Turkish before, I decided to create a more universal blog. Therefore, I am starting to reach the world with this blog.

I hope the articles I wrote will be useful for you.

Who am I?

I'm Oben Işık. I was born in Trabzon in February 1990. Trabzon, Turkey located in a coastal city next to black sea. The majority of Turkey's needs are met nuts and fish from my city. Therefore, Trabzon, among the 81 cities in Turkey has become one of the best known cities in my opinion.

Trabzon's View

After living up to 5 years old in Trabzon, I moved to Istanbul. I can say that Istanbul was the turning point of my life. I created the majority of my personality in a metropolitan city.

Istanbul's View

Now I live in Madrid, Spain and I am married with Reyhan, my beautiful wife.


Work Life

First, I studied computer engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey, which is a well-established university. Then, after graduating from university, I stepped into professional life at Turkcell company. After a 7-year adventure, I moved to Madrid, Spain in 2017 and started working on Amazon. I am currently working on Amazon to maximize our users' navigation habits.

Side Projects

I am sure that all software engineers have thought of establishing their own projects and startups at some stage of their lives. I am someone who has gone through this idea. For this reason, I always tried to be a project-oriented person. I have developed many large and small projects. Currently, I have 2 important and successful side-projects.


Fallame is 100K+ customer based mobile Turkish traditionalfortune telling platform which is active in Google Play Store and App Store. In addition to traditional fortune telling features of Fallame, it also operates in an automated manner with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Up Ninja

Up Ninja is my first SAAS project. It is a simple and affordable uptime monitoring and status page service. Up Ninja was selected as the # 1 Most Upvoted Software among the Product Hunt votes held in February 11, 2020.

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Future Plans

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

I have always been a planned person. But it was almost never exactly what I had planned, but something different from it happened. Therefore, I am against making very long-term plans. But like every person, I wish good things to happen in my life.

The most valuable thing for me in the world is to love living.

I had a friend I loved very much. He spent the last 6 years of his life with very serious illness. He was a very lively person. He was doomed to bed and at that time I shattered and understood that “What we call happiness is to sit back and enjoy a glass of water and have a pleasant conversation with the person you love.”

Happiness is nothing more than that.

So, be happy, be healthy! 👍

Picture of Oben Işık

Thanks for reading!

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